Sunday, June 21, 2009

life-just like a waterfall

Yesterday, after coming back from gym, wyng, my housemate told me tat our plan to hv lunch in pizza hut had been cancel but we are goin to kampar waterfall. i'm so excited!
Around 2.15pm we started our journey to kampar waterfall which is 5 kilometres away from here. There are 22 of us. 17 of them are ah wyng's classmate and the other 5 is me, wyng, pei vern, hui wen and huan ying which are all my housemate.
At 3pm we started to climb up to the top of the waterfall. they said the view there was much more nicer. i'm so excited and think tat tat was easy. but as i climbed on a few rocks it was not as easy as i expected. but luckily all the guys try to give their hand to all the girls and they oso help us to carried all our big and heavy bags. THANKS TO ALL THE GUYS!!! bcos of them we can climb much more easier.
During the journey, i feel tat our life is just like climbing up all this rocks. We have to make our choices and make sure we wont fail. it just like when we hv to choose the right rock to step on. if u choose a slippery rock, u will fall into the water. But tat's ok. once u fell, just learn to stand up and try again. i also learned tat when we hv a problem, frens always willing to give us some hands. i still remember tat i accidently slipped down into the water and my friend caught me n hurt herself. i'm so sorry for her and thank her very very much.
Climbing up along this waterfall hv alot of obstacles. u hv to always becareful an need a lot of thinking as all the rocks are big and it is not easy to climb up. Life hv a lot of obstacles too. everytime we face a problem just dun panic. cool down and close yr eyes and think. smtm solutions come out just like tat. if u dun cool down u will make the problem worst.
Everyone feel so happy once we reached the middle of the waterfall. it is just like we just achive some achivement in our life. we felt so excited and straight away jumped into the water. I didnt jump bcos the water was very deep. it is arund 20 fts. tat is 3 1/2 guys with height of 180cm. all the girls just sit bside the rock and put their feets inside the water. the water was very cool and refreshing. some of the girls do not want to get wet but they get et at the end bcos of the splashing water by all the guys.
We enjoyed ourselves very much and also all the scenary. i had take a lot off pics. At 5.30pm. we decided to g back home bcos it seems to rain soon. we packed up and started to climbed down. i found out ta climbing down the rock is much more easier den climbing up. it just like when we build our life to smthg meaningful with thousands off difficulty and also easily to be destroy just by one fall. and u hv try to cimb up again which is much more difficults with all yr injuries.
On this journey i had learned to appreciate my life and bcareful while making choices. one choice tat u make, will influence yr life. think twice when u want to make choices. try to face yr problems bravely. dun try to run away from it. some problems will get worst if u dun solve it straight away. Do enjoy yr life as it is a story of u.

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