Monday, June 15, 2009


LIFE.. is about us.. who u r.. and how u make it meaningful. i always try to make my life meaningful because i noe we onli live once. Although there are people said we will reborn after dead but we can't rmb anything about our past life. so it is important to make our life meaningful as we can onli rmb it in this live.

i always do try to appreciate everyone in my life. i always want them to feel happy when i around. i like to c my father laugh as i noe when he laugh he wont look so stressful and fierce. so when he around i'll try to make him watch some funny videos. the way he laugh is very special. he will laugh out very loudly and will hit u whenever he feel funny. i also always try to make my frens happy but it seems like i always make a fool of myself. i noe i'm a bad joker. but at least i try to treat them well as they are someone important for me.

i want to make my life meaningful. i want my life to fill with a lot of memories that i am glad to take it with me after i die. we study onli once in our life. so i hope to study until the highest level as i'm not good in anything. i just like to study. so i hope i can achieve some achievement in studies. i also hope to go around the world. i want to visit every places in this world. iwant to have a chance to look at it and feel it.

that is why i when do something i always wanted the best because we maybe onli have one chance to do it in this live. i dont want to feel regret. it's an awful feeling. and you will feel that forever in yr life once u regret.

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